Xi Jinping: China’s national interests in global affairs

Xi Jinping addressing press members at the 19th CPC Central Committee, Beijing China on Wednesday. (Xinhua/Xie Huanchi).


THE General Secretary of the Communist Part of China, Xi Jinping, has listed 14 fundamental principles of China’s envisioned socialism, among them, China’s national interests in global affairs.

President Xi after taking power in 2012 then resorted to charting the course of the country’s diplomacy and has then championed diplomacy with distinctive Chinese characteristics as the driving principle.

He asserted this position in the report that he read to the 2,307 delegates of the CPC 19th National Congress which was concluded yesterday at the great hall of the people. Xi said CPC has made allaround efforts in pursuit of major country diplomacy with Chinese characteristics, advancing China’s diplomatic agenda in a comprehensive, multilevel, multifaceted way and creating a favorable external environment for China’s development.

“Aspects of this major-country diplomacy state that China should pursue an independent foreign policy of peace and promote peaceful development, but should not reach such goals by sacrificing China’s own legitimate rights and core national interests” he added But the other aspect which perhaps has drawn global attention is the pursuit of a new model of international relation with win win cooperation at the core.

Here, the Asian economic giant has promoted initiatives such as the One Belt One Road Initiative, He said his administration has jointly pursued OBOR Initiative, established the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, set up the Silk Road fund, hosted Belt and Road Forum, the 22nd APEC Economic Leaders Meeting, the G20 2016 Summit, the BRICS Summit among others.

“China champions the development of a community with a shared future for mankind, and has encouraged the evolution of global governance system.” He said. China’s major role in Climate change has also catapulted the Far East country to the apex of the globe.

Soon after US President Donald Trump announced his country’s withdrawal from the accord, China promptly moved in and assumed the leadership of Paris Agreement on Climate change.

Since then, Beijing has hosted high-level meetings with leaders from across the globe to discuss how to deploy clean energy. By coming in to fill America’s shoes, China announced that it will stand by its responsibilities on Climate change.

Largely because of these mechanisms, president Xi disclosed that China’s international influence, ability to inspire and power to shape has risen. In his opinion, China has made great new contributions to global peace and development.

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