‘Good lighting keeps everything in sight’

MEMBERS of the Rungwe District-based “Lufingo Dance Team” kept the lights’ technicians on their toes throughout their performance, at the National Museum and House of Culture, in Dar es Salaam, late last month, due to their action-filled performance.


ALTHOUGH lighting plays an important role in any stage performance, this is an area that is seldom noticed or talked about.

However, the contribution these lighting technicians bring to a performance, especially in these modern times, could be said to be as important as the actual players themselves.

The facts remain that just as an individual can embark on a career of acting, music, dance or any other Performing Art (PA) forms, one can take-up lighting. An example of this is the Dar es Salaam-based light technician, Daniel Mallya.

This youngster is kept busy not only here throughout the regions but also in neighbouring countries. In February, he was responsible for the lighting at this year’s Sauti za Busara (SZB) international music festival in Zanzibar and late last month he was found again at the control board at the National Museum and House of Culture here in the City Centre.

This is not to mention bouncing into him at a number of other event in the City, always at the controls of the lights. In a recent communication with the ‘Daily News’ it was learnt that he had been working professionally in this area for well over a decade.

He says he got into this line of work as a matter of course, after working as an electrician for some time, having completed his college studies in Electrical Installations. “Then in 2004, I got work in Oman, designing lighting and to run shows.

It was while there that I got an email asking me to return home for some work, which I did at the end of my contract in Oman in 2006. That’s how I happened to return home and continue with my work here

I can honestly say now I reached the kind of level I used to handle outside of the country,” Mallya said. The recent advancement in this area on the local stage he says has brought a new dimension to his work, so much so that he has now found a new level of pleasure and challenges from it.

It should be remembered here that it is the responsibility of Mallya to not only set-up the correct lighting for each show or act but also make sure they are properly used, as previously arranged, throughout a performance.

Failure to do this, he pointed out would be disastrous to a performance. Evidence of his work was last seen late last month at the Museum’s state-of-theart theatre here during the “Night of Beijing” performances by the local Chinese Embassy to celebrate their New Year, together with a local audience.

Amongst the local artists, he has provided lights to the popular singer, Diamond Platinumz (Nasseb Abdul) in Iringa Region.

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