Kudos to team that won us the sweet mining deal


PRESIDENT John Magufuli yesterday awarded certificates of recognition to members of two presidential committees that investigated allegations of tax evasion in exports of gold and copper concentrate in Tanzania.

The team comprised of Prof Palamagamba Kabudi (who led the committee negotiated new terms of mining with the Acacia), Prof Nehemia Eliachim Osoro, Prof Longinus Rutasitara, Dr Oswald Mashindano and Gabriel Malata, Casmir Kyuki, Ms Butamo Philip,Usaje Usubisye and Andrew Massawe.

Others were, Prof Abdulrahman Mruma, Prof Justianian Ikingula, Prof Joseph Bushweshaiga, Dr Yusuf Ugenya, Dr Joseph Philip, Dr Ambrose Itika, Mohamed Makongoro and Mr Hery Gombela.

The list also comprised of Mr James Mgosha, Dr Yamungu Kayendabila, Mr Geoffrey Mwambe, Mr Adolf Ndunguru, Prof Florens Luoga, Mr Adejeni Mwaipopo, Mr Moses Moses, Andrew Mwangakala and Michael Kambi.

The reports of the team has opened a new chapter in the mineral sector and heralded the biggest coup in an economic war with mining conglomerates over the country’s mineral resources.

As we savour our great triumph from painstaking negotiations with the mining giant, Barrick Gold Corp, we salute the team for their gallant work and wish to reiterate our support to President Magufuli in the efforts to enhance prudent management of mineral resources and increase its benefits to the nation.

We would also like to join President John Magufuli in congratulating members of the team for showing courage and high sense of patriotism for their country. We reckon their work was not a walk in the park as high stakes were involved.

But, eventually, a strong sense of devotion to the nation and its people prevailed. We say thanks to them for the job well done.

As, President Magufuli put it clearly, there are few traitors who would like to throw spanner in the work by undermining our efforts and belittle great achievements recorded. If they are in public office they would better jump ship now and leave us continue with the fight.

They have a choice to make: they are either with us or against us. In the same vein, we support the president order for strict implementation of the Statistics Act, 2015 so as to deter people from giving misleading statistics.

It is discouraging to see people giving wrong information to mislead the people for personal gain. While, these people can be ignored, the price of entertaining them may be high as they will derail us from our target.

We, therefore say, yes, they deserve to be arraigned.

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