Minerals deal: Pessimists should jump ship or sink anyway


THOUGH the struggle for total control of the country’s national resources is far from over, Tanzanians are savouring the historic deal that the government struck with Barrick Gold Corp.

The pact, that was signed by the two parties in front of President John Magufuli at State House recently will undoubtedly revolutionalise the mining sector in the country and will set a precedent that will help all other minerals and natural resources to benefit locals.

When President Magufuli kick started this war against exploitation and thievery in the mining sector, those in the opposition circles, who have PHDs in opposing everything that the government does, even if it’s good for the country, were in the forefront to press panic buttons.

They were so pessimistic to the extent of ‘prophesying’ that the country will be slapped with huge legal suits. They ridiculed what the President was doing, and spreading retrogressive messages on social media in a bid to gain cheap political mileage. But, President Magufuli and his team never looked back and kept on pressing for the benefit of the ordinary poor Tanzanian.

And, finally patience and hard work bore fruits and Tanzania’s negotiating team led by Prof Palamagamba Kabudi finally hit gold. They came up with a deal that will see the country reaping a lot of benefits from the mining sector.

This is now in the public domain for everyone to know and is the talk of the day everywhere, be it in daladala’s, social media, bars and so on. To make the matters worse, those who have been pessimistic and praying for evil to befall the country have no option but to walk with their tails in between their legs like frightened dogs.

They had to swallow their pride and try to salvage their sinking images, while some of them have remained tightlipped and disappearing into oblivion as if they are not there.

On the same footing, there are some sections of the opposition who still remain adamant, trying to create loopholes and soiling the good work by Prof Kabudi and his team by creating uncertainty over the whole saga, and becoming prophets of doom through biased and half-baked analyses that try to discredit the deal.

Let it dawn upon them that kelele za chura hazizuii tembo kunywa maji. They may make as much noise they want, but that will not stop the Fifth Phase government’s determination to see ordinary people benefiting from the country’s natural resources.

Their fake predictions will not hinder the country from benefiting from its resources. They might continue making all the noise they want, but reality remains and this crusade will continue unabated.

They should also know that they are moving in the wrong direction, and the better they jump ship the better, because theirs is a sinking ship anyway.

It is high time we all unite and support President Magufuli’s efforts in making sure that the natural resources that have been stolen for a long time, starts benefiting local people.

Aluta continua, the struggle continues.

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