Politicians should stop meddling in other countries’ politics


POLITICS has for eons been known as a dirty game, and this has seen some politicians using all the tricks in their books to either cling or get onto power.

It is unfortunate that the coming in of multiparty democracy in Africa gave birth to stability that threatens to destroy the stability, unity and peace of many countries. In Tanzania, many opposition political figures neither have a head nor tail.

They simply do not know the direction they are heading and think that making a lot of unnecessary noise and finding themselves on the wrong side of the law will help them gain political mileage. Opposition politics in this country have been reduced to mere children’s games known as Kibaba baba.

Some opposition politicians seem not to know why they are in those positions in the first place. They think that being in opposition, then one has to live up to the literal meaning of the word, to oppose everything that comes on their way including development initiatives.

It is unfortunate that some of the leaders can do anything as long as they think make them to gain mileage and political limelight.

They don’t mind in engaging in cheap politics to an extent of doing dubious moves. It is not surprising, therefore, that when other neighbouring countries are burning with political turmoil that is hinged upon tribalism, our so called opposition politicians decide to play cheap politics and join forces with certain leaders in those countries simply because they fall under the same tribe.

Such political figures in this country stoop so low to the extent of crossing our borders to fuel tribal gapes in other countries, plunging those people into deep crisis that slowly edges towards civil unrest and who knows civil war.

This is shameful to say the least and should be avoided at all costs. While we expect them to uphold the values and legacy of Mwalimu Nyerere of promoting unity, peace and harmony, and be exemplary to neighbouring countries, they simply do the opposite. They go to those countries, declaring solidarity with certain tribes and leaders at the expense of that country’s well-being.

It is disgracing to say the least because they hope to gain unnecessary attention and think that by so doing, this will make their way easier to the State House. This will remain but a dream to them, and will continue to see State House on pictures until they put their house in order. Fueling conflicts in other countries shows that they are politically immature and they can do anything for persona aggrandizement.

This country is not prepared and will not have such leaders getting onto the driving seat as they are most likely to lead us astray.

Opposition political leaders should know that they still have a lot of work to do in cleaning their soiled images here at home rather than wasting time meddling in other countries’ politics. Failure to do so, then they will remain political failures that they are and only one thing awaits them; political oblivion.

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