Leave no stone unturned in fight against corruption


CORRUPTION is a cancer that slowly eats away not only the social well-being of a people, but also is retrogressive towards economic growth.

Governments, worth their salt, throughout the world strive to rid their countries of graft that once it is left to spread roots, will be difficult to deal with and rendering the country ungovernable and leading to loss of revenue by the State.

This is the reason many countries have bodies that fight corruption. Tanzania is one of the countries in Africa that is leading the pack when it comes to the war against corruption.

The Fifth Phase Government, led by President John Magufuli, has adopted a no-nonsense approach towards graft. In fact, the government has so far left no stone unturned when it comes to the fight against corruption.

So many heads have rolled and as it looks, more are still to roll until the country is corruption free. And such an example of the government’s effort was revealed recently when the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) fingered 17 public institutions in corrupt deals.

Among the organisations is the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA), a public institution responsible for collecting revenue on behalf of the nation. It is unfortunate that it has been fingered in this issue as in actual terms it should remain blameless and lead by example.

The PPRA Board Chairman, Dr Matern Lumbanga revealed that his authority had handed over the said institutions to the Prevention and Combatting of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) for further investigation in alleged corrupt tendencies in public procurement.

This revelation is shocking to say the least and the PCCB should leave no stone unturned in this issue and make sure that all officials involved are brought to book.

These public institutions handle tax payers’ money and engaging in corruption is tantamount to misusing the people’s money and trust. This should also serve as a lesson to the other officials and institutions that the Fifth Phase Government does not tolerate corruption and they should desist and shun it to safeguard their jobs and image.

On the other hand, contractors and other consultants or firms that are hired by public institutions to undertake specific jobs should also know that the days of 10 per cent are gone.

They should follow procedures and make sure they do their job diligently. The time for half-baked work is gone and it is now value for money. It is everybody’s duty to help fight corruption by reporting those involved. Let’s help kick corruption out of this country, for we can.

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