CECAFA needs urgent re-organisation


SOMETHING must be done now to reactivate the Council for East and Central Africa Football Associations (CECAFA), which is nowhere in sight at the moment.

It was CECAFA that did a spadework in reuniting East Africa through sports and in later days brought more members from four when it was formed to over 14 members to-date.

However, it is as if the body has ceased to function. From its deathbed somewhere in Nairobi, Kenya, CECAFA watches in dismay other sports overtake it in cementing the East African Community and winning more members.

No one to blame for the inactivity of the once powerful football unifying organ, and as well blame game should not be an issue here, as it was very clear that lack of sponsorship, coupled with financial crisis of the major corporate firms might be the cause of the football body’s fall.

It is pity that CECAFA which turns 90 this year is being let to die and no efforts being done to rescue it. Since it is our own organ that served us well, EAC member states should take measures to build capacity to the organ and enable it function properly.

Principal among the solutions are that the governments should properly re-articulate its policy for sports, taking into consideration the fact that sports has become a serious global economic and business factor, while the governments should also, as a matter of imperative, develop new creative ways for the funding of sports.

We think the member states should involve businesses, communities, the public and individuals to contribute in tackling the critical inadequacy of funds. Let regional members wake up and keep the CECAFA ball rolling once again.

We think, collectively as East Africa Community, member states, we can find means to empower CECAFA to enable it run effectively in all tournaments at senior, junior and ladies levels.

We suggest as a way forward, the member states should use their competent business and management professionals and consultants to help CECAFA regain composure and make it operate to the desired capacity.

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