Wage fiercer war against deep-seated superstition


SUPERSTITIOUS beliefs constitute the proverbial hard nut to crack. Anti-superstition campaigners shout themselves hoarse, but the message penetrates unto the targeted audience slightly, at best; and, at worst, it dissipates into nothingness.

Incredibly, some people project an image of being scientific in outlook externally, but behind the scenes, they are subscribers to the dark world. But resignation to that social malady is not only not a viable option, but would represent absolute cowardice. So, to invoke the famous Mozambican freedom struggle clarion call – aluta continua: the struggle against superstition must continue.

A recent low-key event Dodoma Region’s Manchali Ward, organised by the Woman Wake Up (Wowap) non-governmental organisation, springs to mind.

Addressing grassroots leaders, Councillor Mary Mazengo dismissed as outrageous, the move by people facing charges of making schoolgirls pregnant, to seek the intervention of traditional healers, to be let off the hook.

The men, who are technically suspects unless or until the legal machinery finds them guilty, inadvertently expose their guilt by giving to the jujumen, the names of individuals involved in pinning them with the offences.

The expectation is that they would be immunized against imprisonment. Scientifically, the process doesn’t wash. For, in a complex, science-based matter like a pregnancy, the source may be easily traceable to a specific man through concrete, irrefutable evidence.

It can’t be naturalised by a witchdoctor swinging a flywhisk a few times over a small calabash containing weird items like dried skins of lizards! Ms Mazengo echoed a most-familiar message - that the campaign to disabuse community members of superstitious beliefs must be stepped up.

We are duly adding our voice to the call, because, sustaining the tempo is bound to have an impact – maybe slowly, but certainly surely; whereas resignation, or relaxing the mission, would amount to a licence to the criminals to sustain the vices.

With absolute impunity, medicinemen tout themselves openly as experts at enabling students to pass exams, graduates to get jobs, youngsters to secure brides and grooms, as well as businesspersons to prosper at supersonic speed.

The war against the vice must be stepped up, for eyeing industrial economy status, and some of us being held captive to superstitious beliefs, represents a huge contradiction!

It is also highly ridiculous, considering especially, that the captives include individuals who are high academic achievers who should be commanders on the war front!

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