Executing anti-boils battle must trickle to lower ranks


FOR those who are directly targeted, the process of lancing boils (kutumbua majipu), a medical analogy popularized by President John Magufuli, is very painful.

But for most of the people for whom the President styles himself the principal servant – courtesy of delivering victory to him in the 2015 General Election – the process is most delightful.

Delightful, because figuratively, the boils represent crimes, offences, tricks, misdeeds, tendencies, trends – you name it – of all kinds perpetrated by anti-social elements for personal gains, or the benefit of tiny groups such as families.

The President openly characterizes himself as the principal coordinator of the boils-lancing process, which is in essence a protracted battle, since the boils – of varying size and severity are widespread

. It is heartening that, by and by, individuals and institutions who hold critical leadership positions and handle sensitive operations, are summoning courage to lance boils at their specific levels.

This is as it should be, because it is not humanly possible for one individual to fight the battle solo; more so a Head of State for which there are many thorny issues competing for his attention, actions and decisions. The ongoing exercise by Dar es Salaam’s Ilala Municipal Council to close down illegal schools strikes a chord.

Their figure is initially put at 125, and if some pass the test during the verification exercise, they would be let off the hook. Various irregularities have been uncovered though, including some of them lacking registration documents, and others starting off as nursery schools and being clandestinely upgraded to primary level.

Previously, some higher level educational institutions were closed or put on notice over similar irregularities, as well as others, such as sub-standard curriculum, producing fake holders of fake degrees and diplomas.

The mess stems from the conversion, by super profit-driven individuals, of what are meant to be social services like educational and medical services, to commercial enterprises. The trend started off as a series of pimples that, due to being ignored, developed into almost unmanageable, gigantic boils over time.

Emerging signs of the battle being waged at levels below the presidency is encouraging and must be sustained.

Those who are weak-willed must conquer the weakness and summon courage to do what they are partly enjoined to do. Lancing boils is a battle on whose front there should be no room for cowardly soldiers!

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