You may mislead some, Mr Lissu, but truth shall prevail


THE coming in of the multiparty system into the political arena in this country, over two decades ago, ushered in a new dispensation where the play-field was open to everyone with will and ability.

It is however unfortunate that the same gesture created yet another monster, opposition politics. Some of the opposition political parties in this country have neither a head nor tail.

They are as unpredictable as the wind, and their main goal is to do what the name opposition literally means: ‘to disapprove of and attempt to prevent.” It is a sad reality for politics that some of our opposition political parties think that their duty is to oppose everything, even development.

With such a mentality, they find themselves on the other side of the law, and when the long arm of the law catches up with them, they are quick to cry foul. They are hitting headlines every day for the wrong reasons.

And, one of them is when Chadema Legal Affairs Director, Tundu Lissu, who is also Singida MP called upon donours to cut aid to this country on what he described as’ violations’ of the rule of law, human rights and separation of power.

The opposition political party with its dwindling popularity is trying to seek political relevance by making a desperate attempt to try and make the ordinary person suffer. They are prepared to do anything, even that which reverses the gains of development as long as it takes them to the State House.

It is a shame to hear people who purport to be a government in waiting, using all the energy they have to try and discredit the country while in the same footing advocating for the suffering of the masses they expect to vote them into power.

The opposition in this country should know that when two elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers. So, every move they make should not disadvantage the ordinary person on the street.

It really does not matter how black the opposition will try to paint this country, but the truth will always remain. Tanzania is a haven of peace, an icon of democracy and an envy of many.

The opposition should also know that ‘kelele za chura hazizuii tembo kunywa maji.’ They can continue making all the noise they want, but as long as they break the country’s laws, then they should not expect to be treated with kids’ gloves.

Other opposition political parties that have decided to abide by the laws of this country are existing in peace, while those who think they are above the law continue to ruffle feathers with the police.

It is unfortunate that Mr Lissu and company have lost all the traces of patriotism to such an extent that the welfare of the ordinary people does not mean anything to them anymore.

They may say all what they want, but the country’s track record and strong democratic base will vindicate it, while putting these so called opposition politicians in their rightful place-political oblivion!

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