True! National Sports Council needs overhaul


WHEN adjourning the seventh meeting of the 10th parliament in Dodoma on Wednesday, Prime Minister, Kassim Majaliwa directed Minister responsible for sports to review the performance of the National Sports Council (NSC), in order to determine its effectiveness.

He said if it is established that the council has failed to deliver in its role as a supreme organ in supervision of sports development, the government will not hesitate to dissolve it and form a new organ.

He has a point! There is an urgent need to transform the body from its current ‘White Elephant’ status and make it vibrant. NSC needs to act seriously on various shortcomings in slop, promote and control all forms of amateur sports on a national basis in conjunction with voluntary amateur sports organizations or associations.

The NSC is required to provide among others training and other staff, aid to national associations or organisations, playing fields and other facilities, sports equipment and other sports items as may be necessary and the accelerated development of sports.

It is also required to encourage and facilitate co-operation among the various national associations, to approve international and national sports competitions and festivals organized by national and other associations.

NSC is also required to organize, in consultation with the national associations, national, international and other sports competitions and festivals as a means of exchanging experience and fostering friendly relations with other nations.

On papers all these functions makes quite a good reading, although others such as running sports as amateur might need some adjustments because sports is rapidly becoming commercialised around the world and Tanzania is not an island not to adopt changes.

We think that the NSC task in hand should be to review the sports policy in a bid to develop, promote and revive various sports in the country as well as to help the government to derive a special strategy to organize sports activities at grassroots level.

They should also find alternative means to raise enough funds that would meet the budget to support national associations with such services as facilities, sports equipment and other sports items. To fulfill such responsibilities, it requires a vibrant organ.

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