Make a bright start to new dawn for Boys


GALLANT Tanzania’s Under-17 side, Serengeti Boys who were mathematically ousted from the African Youth Championship in Gabon, definitely impressed every Tanzanian despite missing the desired goal.

It was sad night for Tanzanians after seeing their brave Boys fail to advance after a 1-0 loss to Niger, a situation that denied them a place in the event’s semis and more painfully, a ticket into the World’s U-17 finals to be held later this year in India.

All hurdles they have cleared before their final encounter with Niger proved beyond doubt that they are the type of players who can help Tanzania meet its desired goals.

They have played and defeated big football nations from all four angles of Africa, starting from Egypt’s North to Cameroon in the West, Amajimbos from South Africa and our fellow East Africans, Burundi apart from drawing with African giants, Ghana and Mali.

It should be put into consideration that Serengeti Boys are still tasked to take us to Tokyo 2020 destination, which is the nationwide campaign to win medals in Olympic Games of Japan to be held in its capital city of Tokyo. But, midway, the players who are now making Serengeti Boys are again obliged to play in the Africa’s U-20 qualifiers, whose finals will be staged in 2019.

From the facts, what is important is to use the just ended Gabon mission to re-organise ourselves, our players and other stakeholders for the mentioned assignments and others not mentioned. Gabon has been just a launching pad towards targeted goals.

We and our youthful players have learnt a lot by playing in the finals for the first time and hopefully, the team will be better polished tactically and psychologically when they undertake the future assignments.

Very impressed indeed, we would like to congratulate players, coaches and all officials who accompanied the team to Gabon for the commendable job, apart from all Tanzanians who contributed to the team’s success in one way or another. There is a bright future in Serengeti Boys, let’s all join together to support them as they still have a tough mission ahead.

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