Shun the temptations to avoid drug related pains


SURELY, if you have ever lost a relative, friend or neighbour to the illegal drugs like marijuana, heroin and cocaine, you will realise that the government has a genuine cause to fiercely wage the war against drug abuse.

There is no parent in their right senses would like their sons and daughters on whom they have wasted huge resources to bring them up, jeopardising their future due to drug dealings. The government too, as custodian of all citizens is obliged to protect its people.

But, before one decides to use narcotics, one ought to realise the deadly side effects of the substances. Heroin is the widely consumed drug for recreation, created from opium. One ought to remember that narcotics are central nervous system depressants that produce a stuporous state in the person taking them.

Drugs, which are powerful addictive induce a state of euphoria or feeling of extreme well-being.

The body quickly builds a tolerance to narcotics in as few as two or three days, increasing the amount of doses required to achieve similar effect. Due to addictive qualities of the drugs, in the 21st century, many countries, including Tanzania introduced strict laws against the production and distribution of narcotics.

The legislations became necessary when opium addiction became a widespread social problem especially in developed countries.

The invention of hypodermic needle in the mid-nineteenth century increased the number of addicts because it allowed opioids to be delivered directly into the bloodstream, dramatically increasing their effect.

Besides the risk of addiction, narcotics also have other physical side effects, including constipation, which is an acute or chronic condition in which bowel movements occur less often than usual or consist of hard, dry stools that are painful or difficult to pass.

Constipation is a relative term, with normal patterns of bowel movements varying from person to person. Generally, an adult or child who have not had bowel movement in three or four days, respectively, is considered constipated and unhealthy in medical terms.

Once in the blood system, the drugs will make the victim restless and that is why drug addicts say that to avoid hangover, stay drunk. But, to be drunk for how long? So, the only true cure is to avoid the pain by avoiding the temptations to use.

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