Narcotic drug cartels must be tamed


IT has come to light that the Kisutu Resident Magistrate’s Court in Dar es Salaam has placed under strict police supervision 13 suspects who are alleged to be involved in narcotic drugs.

Nearly all suspects in this category are music and movie industry stars. In similar vein, Interpol Tanzania are looking for details in connection with a Tanzanian woman, Pamela David Kiritta (41) who is believed to have been arrested in India in possession of illicit drugs valued at 11bn/-.

The court has granted an application by the prosecution requesting that the suspects be given binding orders with sureties for them to show good behaviour for a period not exceeding three years.

They e will also have to report to  the Police twice a month. While we do not wish to prejudice any court of law against the suspects, who are not facing charges anyway, it is imperative for us to point out the ravages wrote by narcotic drug consumption on human health, especially the hardcore addicts.

Indeed, It would be remiss on our part not to mention the dangers posed by narcotic drugs and alert consumers on the dire consequences they should expect. It is critical to mention here that all narcotic drugs, including bhang are very dangerous. Medical workers point accusing fingers at heroin, cocaine, bhang, alcohol and other hard intoxicants such as Valium and cannabis sativa, as the main causes of lunacy and death.

And it is no news anymore to mention that this country has a large population of lunatics. Most narcotic drugs have serious physical and psychological consequences. An overdose or even symptoms can lead to an early grave. But let us take heroin and cocaine as examples.

These two narcotic drugs pack a very powerful punch and have a range of ugly symptoms. Psychiatrists say that effects of low to moderate doses can include loss of memory; hilarity; changes in perception of time and space; loquacious euphoria; impaired coordination; misguided judgment; increased visual and auditory sensitivity.

Higher doses can lead to illusions, delusions, depression, confusion, alienation and hallucinations. Sometimes these symptoms may resemble psychotic episodes marked by fear and aggression.

Now, beware. This is quite a frightening combination. But, behold! Regular and prolonged use of heroin or cocaine may also reduce immunity and resistance to infection. And, mark you; an overdose can lead to death. It can also induce euphoric excitement and hallucinatory experience.

It creates a feeling of great muscular strength and mental clarity. So, the user tends to overestimate his capabilities. All narcotic drugs always wreck the lives of abusers. In fact, it is foolhardy to consume narcotic drugs and graduate into a lunatic or die.

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