Me-too campaign Bongoland style is here


I love this country called Tanzania, the United Republic. For what I believe is the same time, the annual report of the comptroller and auditor general is being discussed vigorously in parliament.

Not only that but ministers are providing real answers to issues unearthed by the CAG. I have always believed such reports are destined for some undeserved space in official bookshelves where they would accumulate dust and be forgotten in a few months. But not this time. Did I hear rightly that some people have already lost their jobs for sins of omission or commission that were highlighted by the CAG.

Surprises never cease in this era of work, work and nothing else but. What shocked me a wee bit is how could anybody dare to misuse or cause bad use of public monies during this era of Magufuli? Some people have either too much courage or do not fear to boldly march on roads where angels only walk on tiptoe. Utatumbuliwa pronto. Lance Spearman has n mercy for robbers, even if they donate their pilfered goodies to the poor, the sick and the downtrodden.

Then other consequences follow. I guess bad habits are hardest to shed. The CAG has lit a fire, the honourable reps are fanning the fire and the people are watching the show. Minister are hitting back by providing answers to matters arising and the people are loving it. From now onwards, whenever you hear Bongo fleva artists singing ‘you re my number one’, women wake up.

It means there is number two and three or maybe number ten on Love street. And maybe you are concubine number six. Men have big hearts. Some men can have more children outside marriage than inside their current household. In any normal community, there could be any amount of dirty linen that gets shielded from public view by walls visible and invisible.

How could the RC of uBandar el Salaam allow women to tell it all, O my soul? And they came in their thousands. Some with fascinating revelations. Women can have multiple partners too. Men’s hearts must have been beating at double normal rate this week. How can a man be sure any of his willing bedmates of the past 20 years is not going to drop a nuclear bomb on his life and in public? I am not certain how this thing of women coming forward to say Mr Zacharia is the father of my two sons and since JK retired, he has also retired as father and provider.

It may be a good thing to make men (and women, gender equality, sawa?) to task, the ones who have abdicated their material responsibilities. It is also a time to drop the hypocrisy of frequently blaming the other women in love triangles for breaking up relationships. I have yet to hear men complaining that they were taken by force. We men know we have official partners and yet we do the locomotion with unofficial beauty queens.

It takes two to tango. When the women become pregnant by accident or design, boys will run away. Real men will man up and support the women in any way they can. It is the few/ many men who disappear into the forest (wanaingia mitini) the RC of Dar is after.

Once women starts singing in Dar es Salaam, who knows where it will end? We men are doomed. Next thing you know other regional commissioner will make the same call in Mwanza, Kilimanjaro, Arusha, Tanga and Dodoma. No philandering male can be safe anymore. If the women of Bongoland decide to start their own #metoo campaign, there will be volcanic eruptions that will shake even the wild animals in the Serengeti. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; cell:+255-713-246136

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