ESCROW, IPTL and the hidden perils of economic sabotage


YEARS have passed since lawmakers fiercely clashed in Dodoma on the issues of IPTL and ESCROW. The opposition and some ruling representatives voiced out and insisted that these bodies are not only existing to sabotage our economy, but they have been, and continues to be, a clog on the wheels of our economic growth and development.

Lamentably, the infliction they instigate has been with us for a while now. When I consider the seriousness of the sin of economic sabotage, that is to say, someone evil or wicked, deliberately deciding to destroy, damage, or obstruct the economy of a poor country like Tanzania, and doing this for personal economic advantage, I feel it very difficult to let him or her continue to live in our society.

As it would be for others, it would also be hard for me to let this off. As a human being and with the seriousness of the problem, the language of tolerance, clemency, remission and forgiveness would be the vocabulary of the past.

While we already have enough social crises such as corruption which manifests in our mother Tanzania in various forms such as those of political, electoral, and bureaucratic corruption, bribery, embezzlement, extortion, fraud, nepotism, favouritism, the list goes on, it is unbearable to add the disaster of economic sabotage.

I use the word disaster or tragedy because it is indeed a serious matter that Honourable John Pombe Magufuli (JPM) is wrestling with today. The issue of economic sabotaging linked to ESCROW, IPTL and the like, is grim.

An inviting issue because an economic saboteur is a dangerous person in our community. The public may not be aware of the level of menaces they cause to our community.

For example, not all public would know that these type of the people are the ones who destabilise our institutions, weaken infrastructures, threaten macroeconomic environment, impend health and primary education, higher education and training.

Yes, economic saboteurs are the people who have caused pain as they intimidate good market efficiency, bully labour market efficiency, continue to scare financial market development, shock technological readiness, blow market size, upset business sophistication, and setback innovation.

Yes, economic sabotaging is a serious problem. It is severe, how can one tolerate and accept someone who intentionally prevents the success of our national plan or action?

If one does not know, this is what IPTL bosses are charged with. If proved guilty, it will be clear that Ruge, Seth and company have simply not been destroying and demolishing, but have prevented and impeded our well-being.

The famous English phrase suits my argument; they have been “killing the goose that lays the golden egg”. Fundamentally, the journey towards finding the solution for the problem of economic sabotage has just begun.

I do not see JPM stopping just because of fear, dis tress or panic. His willpower is growing day by day. From his tone, he seems to know nothing else other than ensuring that he leaves no stone unturned.

As he rages war, he needs total public backing. This is perilous in that the war should continue because economic sabotage activities also continues. We must, as a nation for example get set for the war on extraction of natural resources, this time I must say on oil and gas.

Of course with minerals the ball is already rolling and it is the public expectation that this will provide significant revenues for our country, with which the government should make sure that the impact of the win on the war improves the lives of wananchi.

Contrary to that it will be yet again a misadventures to hear that the restored government funds are still embezzled. No one can deny that the spirit of corruption is still hovering over some public officials who want to steal from the public institutions in which they are employed.

Oh, yes, we still have public office holders who consider public treasury as their personal cashbox. If not cramped, they can still make away with large sums of public funds for their private use.

Any waste of and inefficient utilization of resources, and to continue to allow activities of unpatriotic vandals to embellish is unacceptable. Beyond human understanding, would be to accept another calamity of economic sabotage.

So, ESCROW saga has its hidden perils. One of its dangers is the fact that Escrow has been unscrewing the country’s future through economic sabotage. When fellow citizens wish to deliberately push personal interest to the disadvantage of the public is not good news.

Let us cherish JPM’s and his team as they set effective mechanisms to prevent individuals from manipulating state power to amass wealth. These values have been lacking or dysfunctional. So this is why our fellow wananchi have been indicted on charges of economic sabotage.

JPM is not happy because while the government is expected to improve the lives of its citizens, someone somewhere is setting an environment to increase inability of the government to bridge the gap between the abundant resources and what is availability to the citizens.

This constitute hindrance to the growth and development of Tanzanian economy. So well done Magufuli. I pray and hope that your team will also understand and adhere to the fact that leadership is about responsibility, an obligation to demonstrate commitment, integrity, honesty and decency in handling the affairs of the office one has been given to oversee.

Will they do or they will join all who wish to pull down mother Tanzania? Let us wait and see.

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