Worthy to be illustrated……


ADMITTEDLY, it’s “our all- rounder servant, google”, that helped me to acquire some information about this man! You might correctly say that he is unknown because is not involve in those “lime light” fields like: Sports, Movie star, Politics, Music etc.

Mr. Rukonge is a devoted farmer, precisely, he is an executive secretary of the Agricultural Non State Actors Forum (ANSAF), a network for smallholder farmers, NGOs and businesses in Tanzania. When I asked him, ‘what he has done for his country so far?’ He said: “I am from a farming family with some livestock keeping activities.

That clarifies the main reasons for my tireless passion about agriculture. Whenever I think of AGRIC the first images that comes to my mind is poverty (especially in rural areas), women struggling to feed their families.

Unemployed young men and women who graduates from schools, universities and colleges while employment remains frustrated whereas Kilimo (agriculture) has enormous opportunities. Over years I have worked with youths to strengthen their capacity so that they can stop agonizing and get organized for a brighter future.

” Definitely, he is one of “our unsung heros”, not only because of being the winner of the 2013 ONE Africa Award but also because, he is directly motivating many especially youth to admire and therefore go into farming.

To my second question of ‘why do you like your country?’ Mr. Lukonge simply wrote me this message: “Once, I was offered jobs on different occasions in Mozambique and Finland but declined, because I wanted to “live work and sail through with my people”.

In fact, my love for my country would be to participate and see the Tanzanian society free of injustice, inequity and inequalities that cause suffering and poverty among vulnerable people. My people and my children are here and I believe I have a debt to contribute to a better life for the current and future generation.

” I truly can’t deny the fact I am quite impressed by Audax Lukonge’s views.

You will definitely agree with me that he is Worthy to be illustrated. With his presence, the issue of “njaa” (hunger) in our country will always be stories and absolutely nothing than just stories! David Kyungu is a veteran cartoonist/ illustrator, also a film, radio & TV director and producer based in Dar-es-Salaam.

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