Of Nyerere Day Politricks

Amby Lusekelo

NYERERE Day was upon us once again. Along with the commemorations, it meant that we were exposed to the real documented work of our nation’s founder, but also, unfortunately, everybody’s interpretation of his legacy.

Interpretations that I feel have become more and more disconcerted with each passing year as everyone is trying to justify their actions. Mwalimu was an eloquent speaker. Being a teacher meant that he could get his point across very easily and it wouldn’t take a degree in Rocket Science to understand him.

His points were very simple and really a simple case of black and white, glass full or glass empty. Simple stuff, really. But as simple as he delivered it, it wasn’t simply received by the people. This is where the classic case of the glass is half empty or half full isn’t so simple.

You will find those who go off topic and choose to try to speculate on the content is in the glass in question; water, soda, beer, milkshake or in some cases, acid. Then there are others who go further by wanting to analyse the chemical compounds that made up the glass.

Theories on theories, on top of other theories beside more theories- just a mess. Hearing it all drove me to a nap early on Friday afternoon. Don’t get me wrong, naps are a great thing but naps that stem from a vibrating headache are not. “Is this the country Mwalimu left us?” “Mwalimu never liked this.”

“Mwalimu would have liked that.” “Are we heading in the direction he wanted his country to go because, let’s face it, it is his country.”

Instead of remembering the man who gave so much of his life to us; the single most important man in our nation’s history, the man who got us our independence, everyone was politicizing left, right and centre to try wash away their sins.

It is almost heart-breaking how people pick and choose what to remember of our founding father and what to, if I may, strategically forget to again, wash away their sins. This weekend marks the 18th year since our beloved Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere passed away.

Along with saying a prayer in his honour and to thank him for this country I call home, I found myself saying a most sincere prayer that he appears to our leaders in their dreams at night.

I added that when he appears [to them] he should have the most annoyed look on his face then proceed to give them all a royal A+ beating similar to those a teacher would do to his disorderly, ill mannered students. Happy Nyerere Day.

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