How to make the crazy stop

Amby Lusekelo

WAS indulging my habit of listening to different lecturers the other day. I enjoy any lectures from all over the world, particularly those on psychology and more so human behaviour but I’ll generally listen to anything that is available on the internets [read: free].

I listened to a fascinating lecture on Introduction to Human Behaviour Biology from Stanford University conducted by Prof. Robert Sapolsky.

Could it really get better than human behaviour biology explained by a professor at one of the leading universities in the world? Five minutes into his lecture I had an epiphany and rightly so. It slapped me across my face and made such an impact, I shouted for joy.

No, I didn’t actually shout but you get what I’m trying to say. Prof. Sapolsky started his lecture with a simple scenario that had a normal guy act irrationally over a length of time.

The “normal guy” starts off with a seemingly small and forgivable irrational action but then works his way up doing an outright Rambo, if you will. The “normal guy” loses all rational thought process ability and goes off the deep end acting all shades of crazy for several reasons. I paused the lecture there.

This sounds too familiar. Prof. Sapolsky continued to say that a person’s irrational conduct could be as a result of anything from a neurotical gene that is out of whack to quite simply, a mid-life crisis. I paused the lecture again.

First thought; lower the volume for the crazy guy and his goons by might hear this and think that the good professor was talking about him. Second, the epiphany was that maybe there is a good, scientific explanation to all the developments that have been taking places of rate.

That maybe our driver is going through a certain mid-life crisis coupled with the fact that he already have faulty genes that make bad decisions seem good. “Sometimes the stuff that goes on our body can dramatically influence what goes on in your brain.

Sometimes what goes on in your mind can affect what is displayed on your body.” continued Prof. Sapolsky. But what do we do to make it all stop? How do we make the crazy stop? Currently looking for a lecture on this and will share my findings and maybe we can do something together.

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