Mwananchi against ‘unknown assailant’

Amby Lusekelo

FRIDAY presented a new development in the war Tanzanians have declared on unknown assailants who have been terrorising the country of late.

These unknown assailants have been terrorising the country lately but if all calculations are at par, they have been stewing for the last 24 months or so.

Mwanachi have decided to take matters into their own hands with each sect doing what they feel they need to, to bring these “unknown assailant” into the known.

In the various declarations stemming from different sects, it is very clear that everyone has had it with the disappearances and shootings that have engulfed the nation.

The Muslim society had arranged for Albadir prayers in which they aimed purposefully pray for Hon. Lissu but focusing on the people who were behind the shooting. The prayers aimed at inciting a bad omen on those responsible for the shooting, their children, grandchildren and basically, the whole clan. Over 5 regions in Tanzania were confirmed to participate in the prayers.

“We don’t expect anyone baring us from doing these prayers but anyone who will try, will be included in the prayer request as well.” Said Sheikh Anwar.

A bad omen to fall on the “unknown assailants” their children, grandchildren and whole clan? Okay, Tanzanians taking matters into their own hands to get results and save the country (if you will).

Friday was met with another statement but this time from the council of the people of Meru in which they too had arranged their own civic justice (if you will).

“We the people of Meru have decided to hold a breaking-the-pot ceremony (directly translated) in order to stop the recent list of bad happenings that are plaguing Tanzanians. We aim to stop the bad omen that has set upon the nation where our leaders, Hon. Lissu and Ret. Gen.Mritaba were shot and seriously injured.

Where we lost our children in the Lucky Vincent School bus accident in Arusha and where things are just not going right for Tanzanians!” said a statement issued by the Chairman of the People of Meru’s Council.

“By doing this traditional and highly effective ceremony we aim to set things right and to bring these culprits to justice the only way we know how. All our welcomed.” Concluded the statement.

I might just attend to see how it is all done, you know, for research purposes. With the whole country uniting and everybody doing what they know in order to bring back our peace, I almost feel sorry for the “unknown assailants.” Almost. For now those, I will be watching for omen like results all around me.

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