Ministry accused of sitting on investment application for two years


LEADERS in Kagera Region have appealed to the Minister for Trade, Industries and Investment, Mr Charles Mwijage, to expedite a request of an Egyptian national who has shown interest to invest in large-scale irrigation wheat farming in Missenyi District.

The Kagera Regional Commissioner (RC), Major Gen (rtd) Salum Kijuu told a Regional Consultative Committee (RCC) meeting held in Bukoba Municipality last Friday that Misenyi District Council had set aside about 600 hectares for establishment of industries in line with government agenda of industrialisation by 2020.

“An Egyptian national has shown interest to invest in largescale wheat irrigation farming in Missenyi District. We sent a request to the Ministry responsible for investment, but the letter has taken over two years and todate there was no response.

What is more disturbing is that an official who was given the task to deal with the request is from Kagera Region,” he noted sadly. According to the RC, Missenyi District had set aside over 600 hectares for industrialisation adding that the district had potential to feed the whole nation if this project was to be implemented.

Meanwhile, the Tanzania Electricity Supply Company (TANESCO) has been challenged to conduct business in transparent manner and ensure that people who paid for service charge get the service. The Chairman for Karagwe District Council, Mr Wallace Mashanda, raised a concern during the RCC meeting.

“There is a long list whereby people paid service charge during REA 11 but to-date they have not been connected with electricity. Those who had their crops uprooted had not been compensated. Tanesco should be transparent,” he said.

Professor Anna Tibaijuka (MP-Muleba South) voiced similar sentiments. "I conducted a census around the area uncovering a lot of inconveniences. REA 11 has left many people confused. Several shopping centres including Kashasha's ward Rubya village, were left unattended," she said.

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