Joy as Police officer pockets 110m/- from Tatu Mzuka


A Dar es Salaam policeman from Temeke District, Neuro Mbwilo turned a millionaire yesterday when he received a 110m/- cheque after winning a top prize of Tatu Mzuka jackpot on Sunday.

In an event done at the office of the District Commissioner of Temeke, Felix Lyaniva, the lucky winner said that just like other jackpot players, he thought that playing the jackpot would be a great opportunity and so he used 500 to try his lucky.

"I can't explain my feelings. I am overwhelmed by joy....this is a miracle to me," the joyous Mbwilo said. He said he would not quit working after winning the money but would continue and maintain discipline in work as it is through it he got money to play in the jackpot.

The District Commissioner, Mr Lyaniva told the press that he was happy to have had a Tatu Mzuka jackpot winner from his district, and most a specially a government employee.

"Officer Mbwilo has become a Tatu Mzuka ambassador in my district. It is my hope that he will use the money wisely for the betterment of him and his family."

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