Noose tightened on importers of fake agri inputs

Minister of Agriculture, Dr Charles Tizeba


THE government will apply zero tolerance on importers of fake and substandard agriculture inputs.

The Minister of Agriculture, Dr Charles Tizeba said here that the shoddy business hinders small and large scale growers to meet the targeted goals.

Dr Tizeba said the unfaithful business men further led to farmers accruing huge losses at a time when the country was engaging in agricultural revolution and industrialization process. He called upon authorities concerned to be tough in issuing permits to import the products.

“We are going to deal with them. From now all those who will apply should bring right and needed inputs to TPC. It is odd that when others were allowed to bring in the much needed chemicals, they opted to import fake one to maximize their profits,” he said.

He said the authorities responsible could no longer offer permits easily as it was enough what was faced with several cases still to be investigated. He said that all procedures must be followed accordingly and bureaucracy is not entertained at all.

He pledged to meet the Finance and Economic Planning Minister to see the possibility of hiring machine for drilling boreholes at TPC in order to have sufficient water thus reducing conflicts between TPC and farmers arising regularly.

TPC’s Director of Corporate Services, Mr Jaffary Ally expressed his concerned on the registration of chemicals that took a lot of time in the country that causes the spread of insects in other crops hence loses.

“Now we have observed a new disease in sugarcane is called Yellow Sugarcane Aphid we have requested for the chemical registration for quiet some time unsuccessful this insects can spread to paddy farm maybe farmers have seen it but fail to recognize as its new,” he said.

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