Kyela District mulls banning sale of raw palm


KYELA District Council in Mbeya Region is considering to ban selling of raw palm to encourage investment in processing industries which will boost trade and job opportunities.

The District Council Executive Director (DED), Mr Musa Mgata, told the ‘Daily News’ recently that his office would come up with by-laws in trade and investment to enforce the ban and create better environment for investment in the area.

“This will encourage establishment of processing industries and the youth in general will benefit from the business,” said Mr Mgata. Kyela District, famous for its quality rice, is second after Kigoma Region in production of palm oil.

Presently 80 per cent of the local produce is concentrated in Kigoma Region and other areas are in Kyela District and some parts of Tanga region. Mr Mgata said his office encouraged establishment of both small and middle sized industries seen as the most reliable and best way to build up the district and country’s economy.

“In my view, I believe in collective efforts, youth need to come up with ideas and form small and middle sized industries, together they will stand and divided they will probably fall,” he noted.

According to the DED, his office has been conducting training on products packaging to youth in the district. He said youth are being trained and enabled to establish factories that produce packaging materials.

“I can assure you that people can establish industries in this area, it is a matter of making right decisions,” he said. He added that establishment of refinery industries is one of areas that do not need much capital.

According to the DED, he was assured after conducting a survey that with at least 12m/- one can establish a small refinery industry.

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