Telecom firm aims at cloud solution, data service


THE country’s business landscape has entered into a new competition battle front as telecoms capitalise on fibre cable to start offering total solution on data and voice services.

Tigo Tanzania announced to expand its product portfolio and start delivering more value-added services and business solutions such as cloud services and ICT managed services under a single portfolio.

Its acting Managing Director Simon Karikari said they start to build the capacity two and half years ago by investing heavily on infrastructure and by last week their fibre connectivity almost covered the entire country. “We have invested for the future…the business future looks bright.

The GDP is growing, inflation at single digit, (thus) business will flourish and need connectivity,” Mr Karikari told reporters in Dar es Salaam over the weekend. Mid this year, Tigo announced a further investment of 70 million US dollars in the next 12 months to upgrade its network. This is on top of another 75 million US dollars invested in the past year.

The telecom said the fund earmarked for transforming and improving outreach of 3G and 4G broadband. “At the moment we are the market leader in Dar es Salaam…we want to leverage our 4G service to corporate clients as well,” Mr Karikari said.

The 70 million US dollars investment announced mid-this year geared to adding 260 2G networks sites in these rural areas, bringing the total to 2,700.

With support from fibre cable, the telcom has 1,500 towers supporting 3G, and 300 sites in major cities supporting 4G. The fibre infrastructure currently spans 2,294 kilometers with 22 district headquarters as part of the national ICT backbone footprint.

Tigo Tanzania’s acting Chief Business Officer Mr Hugh Sonn said the total business solution branded business to business (B2B) and would offer all inclusive tele-services including data storage.

“We put together bundled solutions that combine in-demand value added products alongside mobile, broadband and internet services at high speed connectivity” he said. Mr Sonn said they offer tailored technology solution package to SMEs, entrepreneur or corporate at high security level.

“We are offering high secured private internet service with specific security to protect the system including data storing services,” Mr Sonn said.

Tigo Tanzania Chief Technology Information Officer, Jerome Albou, said the telecom has a state-of-art data center to support cloud infrastructure at Salasala in Kinondoni District.

“The center is modular data centre and designed under parallel backup system, N+N, which operates under the back of preventive maintenance,” he said. The TA3 designed data center has a downturn of 99.98 per cent and 100 racks but could be upgraded to reach 800 racks capacity.

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