Telecom registers huge strides in Q2


AIRTEL Tanzania has registered the highest number of clients during the second quarter of this year amid stiff competition.

The firm managed to hook up 1.04 million new mobile money clients in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) Q2 report showed.

Also, Airtel managed to register 132,826 new voice subscribers in three months, according to TCRA’s Quarterly Communications Statistics Report.

Airtel Corporate Communication Director Ms Beatrice Singano Mallya said this suggested that the firm walked home with 98 per cent of the new mobile money clients during the period under review. “It’s is a very clear indication that Airtel is offering its clients with diversified financial services,” she said.

Mr Singano said the new mbile money subscribers pushed Airtel number to 5.9 million in a market where five operators compete for 20 million clients. At the end of Q2 Airtel managed to increase the number of its voice subscribers by 132,826 to 10.3 million.

In total, according to TCRA report, the number of voice subscribers rose to 40.358 million at the end of June from 39.856 million at the end of March. Ms Singano attributed the new clients on mobile money to Timiza loan services.

“Timiza is also in line with the government’s vision of providing Tanzania’s small and medium businesses with access to financial services,” she said. The telco has embarked into a major project U900 that seeks to boost data volume and improve data speed.

In Dar es Salaam more than 300 sites have already been upgraded, our plan to outspread our U900 project to Mwanza, Morogoro, Dodoma, Arusha and other potential markets in Tanzania,” she said.

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