Mobile app to promote tourism launched


ZANTEL has launched a mobile application dubbed ‘Discover Tanzania mobile App’ to assist local and foreign tourists with information on various attractions in Tanzania.

The App which provides key detailed information on various destinations in Tanzania including hotels, restaurants, transportation, attractive sites, clubs, casinos, shopping malls, embassies and hospitals will be available on Google Play Store at a price of 500/-.

Announcing the launch in Dar es Salaam yesterday, Zantel’s head of Marketing, Gasper Mbowa said easy access of vital information to visitors was crucial in promotion of tourism.

With the app important information required by tourists in terms of attraction sites, types of food available, entertainment areas, costs for various services including accommodation, availability of reliable transport, locations for important offices such as embassies, hospitals services will be found easily.

“We are extremely excited to launch this app for our customers in Tanzania but most importantly being the first mobile company to do so in the country.

“It is our belief that this platform will promote tourism as reliable information will be provided to local and foreign tourists. We will also make sure that we enhance security to enable tourists to be linked directly with the service provider Zantel” he said.

The tourism sector in Tanzania is an enormous engine of employment, since it directly employs 250,000 people every year. According to the 2014 statistics from the Tanzania’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, receipts from tourism arrivals reached 2.0 billion US Dollars.

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