Cargo firm extends its wings globally


TAHAFresh has officially become an official member of the World Cargo Alliance (WCA) network, the world's largest and most powerful network of independent freight forwarders.

The global firm, WCA has 6,473 member offices in 789 cities and ports in 190 countries around the world. The network now has about eight local companies in Tanzania and 15 in Kenya.

Tanzania Horticultural Association (TAHA) Chief Executive Officer Ms Jacqueline Mkindi said, “This is an opportunity for us to do business. We are now open to receive logistics businesses from customers all over the world and can take goods anywhere in the world.

It is yet another milestone for us this year…the sky is the limit for TAHAFresh growth,” She added, “We would like to thank our customers for continued support and we look forward to keep providing you with quality services,” TAHAFresh, a cargo handling company launched nine years ago, has extended its wings globally as a reputable logistics service provider, it has been reported.

The company also offers road transportation services using its diverse fleet of trucks from dry goods to temperature controlled trucks as well as container carriers which navigate cargo by road throughout Eastern, Central and Southern Africa for both short and long haul transportation.

“We are proud that through our services we are able to connect cargo from Tanzania with the rest of the world and bring the world cargo to Tanzania and the rest of Africa. Commitment and excellence is core in our business,” she said.

TAHA is a business association grouping together all aspects of the horticulture industry in Tanzania. Since its inception in 2004 it has successfully brought together the large scale professional operations and the many growers’ groups and small holders into a single bloc with a single business oriented set of interests.

The advocacy work often supported by BESTDialogue and other partners, have built the capacity of the association to deliver information to members, which in turn has led them to utilise better services offered by TAHAFresh.

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