Four banks control 50 pc market shares


TANZANIA’S four largest banks are controlling almost 50 per cent of market share in term of assets, capital, deposits and loans and advances for two consecutive years.

The Bank of Tanzania’s Directorate of Banking Supervision in latest report shows CRDB, National Microfinance Bank, National Bank of Commerce and Standard Chartered Bank are holding 48.58 per cent of the total assets, 47.54 per cent of total capital, 49.82 per cent of total deposits and 49.4 per cent of total loans advances and overdrafts.

The four banks share of market in 2015 and 2016 were almost the same and CRDB lead the list with assets of over 5.0tri/- and deposits of over 4.0tri/-.

It is followed by NMB that controls almost over 4.5tri and 3.5tri/- of assets and deposits while NBC is third on the list with 1.6tri/- assets and 1.3tri/- deposits.

The fourth on list is StanChart with slightly over 1.6tri/ in assets and 1.2tri/- deposits. The report shows that the next six largest banks control around 20 per cent of market share in term of balance sheet and the remaining some 30 per cent.

The country has 56 banks by 2015. On the other hand, local banking institutions’ share of the total banking sector’s assets was 53 per cent, slightly higher than that of foreign banking institutions at 47 per cent.

The number of bank branches reached 728 at the end of 2015 with most of them, 60 per cent, located in Dar es Salaam, Arusha, Mwanza, Mbeya and Moshi.

Dar es Salaam had 263 branches, equivalent to 36.13 per cent of all branches, followed by Arusha, 51 branches (7.01%), Mwanza 49 branches (6.73%), Mbeya 41 branches (5.63%), and Moshi 33 branches (4.53%).

During the same period, 3,299 bank agents were in operation where most of the agents were concentrated in major cities of Dar es Salaam (34.63%), Arusha (8.51%) and Mwanza (8.39%).

On other hands, Pemba and Katavi had the lowest number of branches with only three branches, Simiyu and Rukwa six branches each, and Singida and Kigoma eight each.

In the second lowest regions a low number of bank branches are Dodoma, Njombe, and Lindi which had 10 branches followed by Manyara 11, Pwani and Ruvuma 12 each and Iringa 13 branches

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