ASAS pushes for modern dairy farming


FARMERS and livestock keepers in Iringa region have been advised to apply modern practices so that they can benefit from the business.

ASAS Dairies Limited Managing Director, Mr Faud Abri said yesterday that traditional practices won’t help much farmers to get enough income and that they must apply modern means for greater results.

He was speaking during the just-ended SAGCOT 2017 Forum in Dar es Salaam that traditional dairy farming, to which many small farmers cling, stood in the way of promoting modern dairy farming in Tanzania.

ASAS Dairies empowers surrounding farmers so that they can produce milk in bulk and achieve commercial production levels. However, Mr Abri explained, farmers are trapped in a web of habitual dairy farming that has dual disadvantages.

This type of farming, he said, yields insufficient milk for processing plants and farmers get little income. The company, with a dairy processing plant, is currently receiving raw milk from 1,500 farmers.

Mr Abri said the company expects to receive milk from more than 3,500 farmers. Mr Abri told the forum that their company has embarked on comprehensive investment in the dairy industry; meaning keeping animals and processing milk into dairy products.

“We train smallholder dairy farmers and encourage them to do dairy farming as a business. But traditional farming is an impediment,” he told the forum.

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