Women form backbone in country’s development


YESTERDAY (8, March) was yet another day for women worldwide when they came out colourfully to celebrate various social, economic, cultural and political achievements they have made in their lifetime.

The day, respected as the International Women’s Day (IWD) is globally celebrated and observed every 8 of March annually and marks a call for action to accelerate gender equality. The day also commemorates the struggle for women’s rights.

Historically, it has been observed since 1914, when there was a great expansion and turbulence in the industrialised world that saw booming population growth and the rise of radical ideologies. For International Women Day 2017, women are required to ‘Be Bold for Change’ to help forge a better working world-a more inclusive gender equal world, to sum up.

The theme (BeBoldFor- Change) entirely reminds women especially those in developing countries such as Tanzania to strive towards their full potentials.

The worldwide theme (BeBoldForChange) complement the subject for the country’s womenfolk to spearhead - ‘Tanzania’s Industry, Women are the foundation of economic change’ which calls for better working environment to enable women fully engage in social economic development.

Yes, women should now be bold and fight for change by getting out of ‘chains’ in the society and grab opportunities in their midst to be productive and see into it that the nation’s industrialisation plan works towards acquiring their full potentials.

Being daring and fight for change would not only push for economic development in their midst, but will guarantee them including children to be moved out of poverty, domestic violence and eventually see a country, where gender is not the basis of discrimination.

This is a struggle that the world is still blogged in and with time, will be history if women pull together and become focused to address what make them lag behind in development. In the course of the fight for change, women in Tanzania should indentify their rights, and roles toward the development of industries in the country, and be bold in tackling them to gain the change.

The bold struggle will raise women in today’s world ladder, which is swiftly changing and make them see themselves truly as the engine in development.

For that matter, governments, NGO and academic institutions, should encourage women to network and drum up for all sorts of support in the society in order to address things will back- peddle them to date.

The World Economic Forum predicts that the gender gap would not close entirely until 2186, a period still too long to wait for because the majority of women, like in the case of Tanzania, still live in extreme poverty, and face routine domestic violence as they struggle to shake off such shackles.

Women activists, academic institutions, and such NGOs should motivate, and create awareness in women that their rights are not privileges but human rights for collective development to be achieved in the society.

They should equally empower women to explore many opportunities in various sectors such as health, education, and business among others to come up just like their counterparts.

The stakeholders should also ensure that women are helped in critical debates and investments in the nation’s plans to achieve the uniform industrial goals in the country. The government as the country’s custodian, should try as much as possible to lay a platform where women are attracted in its industrialisation plan and recognise their special contributions

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