Good behaviour deserves rewards

Masembe Tambwe

ALWAYS remember, discipline isn’t about showing who is boss but taking responsibility of the human you brought into the world. A very good morning to you all, hope you are all enjoying the weekend.

I can’t speak for when I was little because I have no recollection but as an adult, there have been two instances where I have been visibly shaken, left speechless and sweated buckets. There is a slight possibility of having being carried when I was little by someone resembling Donald Trump but I can’t remember.

That would obviously have made me scream and woken up some mummies in Egypt. One was seeing the piles of dead bodies on the streets after spending the first four days of the Rwandan genocide and two, seeing young girls in Tarime being paraded like gold medalists clad in new clothes and shiny umbrellas after they underwent Female Genital Mutilation(FGM).

Today it saddens me that I have something to add to this list and it is the recent story of a mother who burnt her child’s hands.

The photos were on social media and quite grotesque I must add. I don’t know how true this is but I am told doing a bikini wax is quite painful.Occasionally when messing around with a lit candle I have had to endure the pain when the hot wax falls on my skin.

For days I have been trying to imagine what this poor child went through. From the media reports, it is said that the child stole 1,000/- and the mother decided to tie both the hands,covered them in a plastic paper and set it alight.

The photos that have been circulating on social media show a child’s hands that went through excruciating pain. The swelling is of a type that I have never seen in my life and pray that I never will. How a woman who carried this child for nine months and later gave birth to it could do this inhumane thing to her own daughter left me speechless.

And for what, a mere 1000/-? Fine, I know the hardships of getting money today but not like this. Is it just me or such instances becoming more and more of a norm in our society? While I understand and can appreciate that today’s hardships maybe much more than those of yesteryears but I don’t see this as an excuse of increased cruelty especially to those who are defenceless and those who we as parents have the obligation to protect.

I couldn’t help wondering what discipline I would have had to endure from some of the mistakes. I did when I was young and had a mother like the one who burnt her child’s hands. I remember my dad once bought me a solar watch and the Einstein in me told me that if I placed the rubber watch next to the bulb, it would double.

Half an hour later, the watch and the bulb were stuck together like two lovers on a Valentine’s night. My dad for obvious reasons was very furious about the outcome of the watch and I nearly received my first ever caning from him but the anger passed. I think he must have thought I would make a great scientist in future.

If I had done this in the presence of the lady, I am sure she would tie my hands to a charcoal stove, cooked a pot of ugali as she whiles away with, deafening screams.

There was another time I nearly burnt the house down. You see there was an old fridge in the garage and for some reason I threw a burning cloth into it and walked away. Luckily the fire was found out before it caused major damage.

Now I am thinking about this woman and seeing fire must be her weapon of choice, I am scared to think what she would have done to me. I realise that whilst children are angels and a blessing to every home,there are times that they come unexpected and can bring some’inconvenience’.

If Tanzania had a working welfare system with everything intact, I had no doubt that they would have put the child under foster care. Personally I think she must have mental issues and they need to be addressed. Let’s take care of ourselves and each other.


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