Some of today’s fashion trends leave a lot to be desired

Masembe Tambwe

GREETINGS. Hope you have all woken up to this bright and sunny February morning.

Allow me to take this opportunity to congratulate all these who passed with flying colours in their Form Four examinations and to tell those who didn’t that it isn’t the end of the world and that in life there are second chances and one needs to make the most of these chances.

Today my talk will be centred on fashion. Last month when I was in India, I couldn’t help but notice a new attire that I hear is now in fashion. The piece of attire is called shredded jeans, just as the name suggests, it’s the normal jeans that has been brutally chopped in certain areas of the clothing.

I noticed that it was very popular among the youth but was caught off guard to see even some elderly folks donning them. In my lifetime I have seen and even part of some fashion trends but I have to say that I am grateful that some of the trends are passing by when I am already too old for them.

I sometimes sit back and look at what some of these youngsters wear today and wonder how they do it when still living with their parents. Shredded jeans are nothing new in the fashion scene but I can say that the ones available now are more refined.

Back in the days, I remember wearing one myself but it was limited to school. After the jeans had worn out, I would run a razor blade on the thigh just a few inches to give it a gangster look. The difference between the old and new is that the new ones look they were puked out of a shredding machine and many a time, the ‘chomped’ up parts of the attire are the most decent parts. Sometimes I say to myself that if I was taken through time travel backwards and today I returned to my parent’s house, getting something suitable to don on would be stressful. The hairstyles I see make the hairs on my nape area stand up and the skinny pants that are usually tucked inside shoes make my eyes popped out.

I have been doing some thinking about fashion and came to the realisation that at school especially boarding school fashion can be a source of peer pressure. How is this? I remember when I was O level, there was a time when Bermuda shorts were very fashionable but I didn’t have a pair and felt somewhat out of place during weekends.

When we got our holidays, I once escorted a relative to the bend down boutiques in Manzese and a particular pair of shorts grabbed my attention. It was no Bermuda shorts but in my mind it could pass for them. The relative was kind in enough to buy them for me.

The following term, on the first weekend when everyone was donning on theirs, I unleashed mine. I heard sniggers here and there and those who were bold enough to approach me, asked me why I had vandalised the curtains from my bedroom. From that day two things happened, one I started thinking that something can be passed for something in fashion and two, my shorts never again saw passed my cubicle.

To make amends, when I went back home for holidays, I pestered my mum for the shorts who in turn told me to ask my father. Now knowing how he operates, I didn’t have to ask him. For the better part of the holiday, I made sure that, I always washed his car, offered to run errands and I was always to the best if my behaviour.

At the end of the holiday, my wishes were granted, I bought the authentic Bermuda shorts and fit with the rest of the people like a hand in a glove. Ciao.

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