Form IV graduates offered career options

THE government has extended time to April 19, this year for all prospective students to amend their high school combination and college preferences based on their 2019 Form Four national exam results.

The President's Office Regional Administration and Local Governments (RALGs) announced here the extension maintaining that after the deadline, the office will release names of continuing students alongside their preferring institutions and combination.

The Minister of State RALGs Mr Selemani Jafo told reporters yesterday that, the strategy was to allow students further their studies in the line of their interests and at colleges of their choices.

He said the extension offer starts with immediate effect and will last for 26 days in which after the grace period students shall not be allowed to change their course regardless.

"This is the second offering from the government and is meant to help students apply for a new course with regards to their final examination results.

Initially, students made a selection without principally having their results and thus this is their last chance to do the right thing," he said.

The opportunity is to all 2019 O-level graduates to make changes on the combination they made on F4—Selform.

The minister insists there won’t be another option to change after April 19 deadlines.

About 135,000 students who got between division one and three on the results announced by the National Examination Council of Tanzania (NECTA) will be eligible.

The student in question can now change from college to high secondary school and vice versa given their final exam results accommodate the new transition.

"It helps the student go for a professional they choose fit for their future endeavours ... at this time they will need parents and seniors guidance to nurture their dream ambitions," Mr Jafo said.

The students, however, will need to go through an online portal from the ministry –www.selform.tamisemi.go.tz to complete the amendments.

The minister admits that some students couldn't fill the F4—selforms correctly for they were nervous and uncertain of the outcome of their final write ups.

"But now they are aware of the actual performances and this gives them a better position to be certain with their selections to further their academic," he said.

The process that will be digitised is set to also arrange each student with preferred school and combination as well as college and the respective course.

The students, however, will need to use their form four national examinations numbers and other extra information that will pop up through the system to register and complete the process.

Students who won’t be able to change their details, the system will retain their previous uploaded information that they filled while at school.

The first selection involved at least 108,644 students or 98.31 per cent of the total 110.505 students who qualified to further their studies to high schools and colleges.

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Author: SYLVESTER DOMASA in Dodoma

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