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No job security for big wigs

GONE are the days where you would be excited for an appointment to a government post as a big wig. These days a post appointment goes just as fast as it came and before you had a chance to do any real damage.

Not damage in the sense of getting serious work done, improving the quality of life of the common mwananchi, but rather in terrorizing your family and friends of your new found status. We all know that one person who is humble and friendly until they get the call from the Prez.

Then, it is a different story. They turn up and make you regret ever knowing them and avoiding them at every possible opportunity. Those people who make you call them ‘mheshimiwa’ even though it is not their first name.

Those people who want to be recognized at every opportunity even at a small family gathering- have you all stand up and clap and even sing some party song, when they arrive.

Terrorize everyone. Being a Minister with all its perks; an STK on standby to take the wife to the salon or the kids to a function, a fantastic health insurance package being that if you fall sick you will be air lifted to the nearest fancy hospital and so on and so forth, is risky business now.

Gone are the days where a Minister can be a Minister for 30 years and be completely senile in parliament bringing up stories of their participation in the Maji-Maji War.

Two terms with five changing cabinets meaning that this administration has had the most MPs have a go at being Minister or a deputy Minister. Uncle Jack is not playing around. He is serious and so you should be too.

I received a text the other day and it took me a minute to understand it but when it clicked, it was painfully funny. “I respect you. How dare you do this to me?

I thought we were friends or at least you could come to me and tell me directly if you had a problem with me. Why did you have to nominate me to the Prez to be a minister??” Read, the text.

Gone are the days when anyone actually wants to be a minister and especially if it is for a period ranging between three to nine months. Job security for a big wig post in the government is at an all time low.

As quickly as you were appointed, you can be dismissed. This speedy in-out mode of conduct means that [smart] appointed Ministers will now remain humble and ever so friendly, insuring that if one rug is pulled out right beneath them, there is another one waiting underneath.

This week we saw a major change in the cabinet of the united republic. I feel this and a whole lot of other drastic moves are to be expected as we are officially in the countdown to 2015 general elections and miracles must happen. Heads must role so that only the dream team is at work and this means, nobody is safe.

You must always watch the news. I’m told this is how most big wigs find out whether or not they still have a job the next day.

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