Some men tiptoe at night like veteran soldiers

Antony Tambwe

BEING a man entails so many things, and it does not end with one being able to spot a beard and some hidden gadgets in the trousers rarely exposed, ni zaidi ya hayo.

You see, in this world that we are living in, things have drastically changed, sana tu, that is why some things which were considered sacred some years back are now deemed normal.

Enzi za mwalimu, it was known that a child belongs to the community, and that the society had the mandate of making sure that our children grew up in fear of evil, hali hiyo ilikua kawaida.

It was normal in those days for your neighbor to punish your child if he deems he or she is wayward, and the parent will appreciate that effort, but jaribu mambo hayo sasa hivi, it will brew trouble, a lot of trouble am telling you

! Those days it was also normal for men to stick to their marital beds, and the same case applied to women, kwa kifupi michepuko was something strange, and men unzipped their trousers on only two occasions, when they went to bed (their legal bed) or when they visit the toilet or bathroom.

Siku hizi I have reasons to believe that when it comes to undressing, little provocation is needed, because men and women conduct this exercise with gusto, iwe mchana ama usiku, sex has become a sport.

Sawa basi ndio mlivyo amua, but at least you should choose who you involve in your unholy escapades, because nowadays these people have decided that mtoto wa mwenzio ni mkubwa mwenzako.

Kwa kweli inauma sana, that is why today I have decided to talk to men about some behavior that they entertain, msiniangalie vibaya, it is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

There was a time, on this same page, I talked about men who have a habit of invading the beds of their house girls, simply because they are the bosses, ushenzi mkubwa! Najua wapo wengi, and some are even reading this, mnachofanya sio!

Those girls come to your house to work, and not for any other business, you should keep that in mind! Yaani hata aibu hamuoni jamani? Some of these girls are still teenagers, but because of hardship they decided to look for employment so that they can make ends meets, and then they meet with people like these!

What these people do not understand is that these girls working in your houses are not sex toys, they came to your house to work, and nothing but work, sio kuingia kwenye uhusiano wa kimapenzi na wewe……hata aibu hamuoni jamani!?

I am told that some of these sick men go to the extent of blackmailing these innocent girls so that they can have their way with them, bila hata woga……mnakera sana, hivi hamjui kuwa Mungu yupo? Mtu mzima na ndevu zako, married with children, you go to all lengths to make sure that you corrupt an innocent girl, kama sio laana ni nini? What would you have done if it happened to your own daughter?

Hawa mabinti pia wana wazazi mjue, and wherever they are they believe that their children are working so that they can gain some financial balance….some are even orphans who have been left with no other option but to work as house helps…and they end up meeting some sick characters in the process! Unamkuta mzee mtu mzima na kitambi cha haja, tiptoeing at night like a seasoned sniper towards the bedroom of the house girl, leaving his wife sleeping in his bed…..hivi mnatafuta nini?

Or did they tell you that because you are her boss she has an obligation of accepting your sick sexual advances? Mnatia aibu na Mungu anawaona, that one I am telling you! I assure you, these are the same people who demand for sex from their employees even in their offices, kweli kabisa nawaambia, wapo wengi tu…na wengine tunawajua! “Ukimwambia mama kazi hauna!” some of them tell the frightened house girls, and because the girl has no other option, she is forced to remain silent.

Wengine they go as far as impregnating these innocent girls in the process, and when the secret leaks out, wanaruka futi kumi, bila hata wasiwasi, they distance themselves from the whole issue, leaving the girls confused and stranded.

What goes round always comes around, one day one time your actions will catch up with you, because as they say, malipo ni hapa hapa, wewe endelea tu!

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